just a quick note to thank everyone for their support of Acme Records this year…..it was a great year, and i hope to have many, many more.    i had every intention of making a year end list for my favorite releases, but the store & myself got so damn busy i just couldn’t find the time…..i’ll put something together later in the cold, dark, slow month of January…..i PROMISE.


thanks again, and here’s hoping everyone has a great 2014!


A few things worth mentioning…..well, more than a few, a whole mess of stuff new to the shop today.

First & foremost, record of the day here at Acme….actually recordS of the day, the newest addition to The Bootleg Series, Volume 10: Another Self Portrait (1969-1971). 3 LPs of 35 rarities & unreleased recordings from one of my favorite eras of Bob Dylan…..includes 2 cd’s with the same material if you’re feeling lazy & a booklet filled with some great snaps. Lots of people tend to shit all over this time period of his, but i really enjoy it, and this set is no disappointment to my ears. Dig it.

Also newly arrived today is a great reissue from Acme faves Mississippi Records….killer record from Chrissy Zebby Tembo & Ngozi Family called ‘My Ancestors’. Zam Rock at it’s finest, this record smokes…..tons of fuzz, heavy riffs & punishing drums….imagine the self-titled second Grand Funk record (the orange one for the more ‘visual’ types like me), and then DOUBLE it…..i love that record, and i LOVE this record.

But wait, there’s more…..how about a triple 12″ from Yo La Tengo? It’s here, with classic, fold out packaging….remember those 7″ single sets in the mid-eighties? I can remember the Police having one ( which is actually in stock here!); Michael Jackson; Prince & Madonna among many others…..heavy plastic with a couple rivets for hangin’ on your wall if you so desire. Enough about the packaging, the music contained within is cool as well. 6 versions of the track ‘Ohm’, including their live versions (quiet show opener, loud show closer)….if you were at the Turner Hall show earlier this year you’ll be familiar with these.

Other new stuff of note:

Belle and Sebastian – The Third Eye Centre
– If You’re Feeling Sinister restock
Cat Power – Jukebox restock
– The Greatest restock
A slew of Pavement restocks
Big Blood – Radio Valkyrie

Death Waltz label
John Carpenter – The Fog
– Prince of Darkness
Lucio Fulci – House by the Cemetery
Harry Robinson – Twins of Evil
Justin Greaves – The Devil’s Business

And lastly, for now, my favorite record lately, Danny Paul Grody’s fantastic debut for one of my favorite record labels, Three Lobed Recordings….it’s called ‘Between Two Worlds’. It’s his third solo lp, filled with layered guitar, synth & piano. It’s a really beautiful lp, and it will surely make my end of the year list as one of the best of 2013.

Many other great new titles as well, & as usual, lots of quality used lp’s entering the bins each & every day……visit often for best selections.

hope to see you soon.

to be clear…..Acme Records opened october 6th, 2012….as we quickly approach our one year anniversary (!!!?!!!) i thought it wise to start a blog, something i should have done ages ago….website is very close to being completed as well….who knows, i may even get a sign on the front & side of the building someday soon!

Opening Day

minutes before opening the shop, my good friend elaine took this snap.